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The Powder Toy пожалуй лучшая игра в жанре песочниц. Есть вещества, стены и так далее — из предложенного добра делаете всё, что пожелает душа, игра чемто напоминает Falling Sand, отличительной чертой The Powder Toy являются красивые эффекты.
Игра обновлена до v90.2 (3.00 Мб.)

The Powder Toy — инди-игра, особенностью которой является физическая симуляция различных визуальных эффектов, создаваемых при помощи предлагаемых инструментов и веществ, которые максимально отображают их реальные свойства. Игра симулирует некоторые химические и ядерные реакции, температуру, давление, гравитацию. Автор игры — Stanislaw Skowronek.

В игре присутствует собственный браузер для обмена созданными сценами онлайн, есть возможность сохранения собственных сцен — как на ПК, так и на официальный сервер.
• левая кнопка — создавать
• центральнаяправая — удалять частицы
• +shift — прямые
• +ctrl — прямоугольные площади
• +shift+ctrl — заливка
• z — окошко зумирования
• c — переключает отоброжения векторного поля (давление, трассировка, температура, скорость).

Вещества »

• Х — удалялка.
• WATR — вода, огонь не любит, проводник.
• FIRE — противоположность воде, поднимает давление.
• LAVA — и так понятно, к тому же плавит металл.
• NITR — нитроглицерин, не любит огонь и давление.
• GAS — гас, при высоком давлении превращается в жидкость, горюч.
• GOO — изоморфное вещество, при высоком давлении исчезает.
• METL — метал, проводит ток, не любит лаву, огонь переносит.
• SNOW — снег и так всё ясно.
• NEUT — нейтроны, весьма странно влияют на вещества.
• DUST — опилки, легкие и горючие.
• OIL — горючая жидкость.
• STNE — продукт распада лавы) воспламеняем.
• CLNE — воспроизводит первое прикоснувшееся вещество.
• С-4 — шустрая взрывчатка.
• ICE — лед.
• SPRK — заряд электричества.
• WOOD — дерево.
• PLUT — плутоний, чем выше давление, тем быстрее распад.

Стены: »

• обычная проводник. • генератор электричества на любые частицы.
• добавить заметку. • проводник + пропускает жидкости.
• удалялка. • при заряде исчезает.
• индикатор скорости. • вентилятор (shift+drag на ней чтобы определить скорость)
• поглощает частицы, пропускает воздух. • обычная.

Английское описание:

The Powder Toy is an awesome physics simulation game, similar to some Java games online (but better!).

Changes »

Version 89.2
Fixed Fix crash when flood deleting VIRS
Fixed Fixed many bugs in the simulation lua api
Fixed Fix crash when viewing corrupt saves
Fixed Fix comment box resizing bugs
Fixed Fix lua crashes in the graphics and interface apis
Fixed Fix holes in wall line drawing
Fixed Fix occasional missing pixels on the top / bottom of circle brush
Fixed Fix Gravity wall areas not recalculating when deleting them
Fixed Fix state transitions in id:1419883
Fixed Fix WIFI delays
Changed Bluescreen on lua panics instead of crashing
Changed Pressing tab switches between textboxes in the deco editor
Changed Element search promotes exact matches first
Changed Signs can be moved onto the zoom window
Changed Improve «pretty powders», so that the deco doesn’t interfere with state changes
Changed Insulators block ambient heat
Added Better PROP tool, draws like any other tool and remembers last setting
Added Add vertical flip when pasting stamps (ctrl+shift+r)

Version 89.0
Fixed Fix SOAP crashes with SING
Fixed Fix sparking QRTZ stopping it from growing
Fixed Fix another PSTN extension glitch
Fixed crash when flood fill deleting
Fixed Fix !load -1 crash and !bubble crash
Fixed Fix stamp browser thumbnails being too large
Fixed Fix PROP not setting properties of particle #0
Fixed red / yellow nick colors mixing up
Changed Removed regex dependency
Changed SOAP bubbles freeze at -25
Added New Element: PROT. Transfers heat to materials and removes sparks
Added New Element VIRS. Turns everything it touches into VIRS
Added 6 new FILT .tmp modes, set using PROP
Added Semicolon shortcut key for replace mode, ctrl+; for specific delete
Added Ability to use Celcius or Farenheit in the console
Added X11 Clipboard pull on linux
Added Spark signs, with the «{b|Click here}» creates a button that can be used to activate electronics underneath.

v84.3 (2.60 Мб.):
Comments scrollbar can be controlled by the mouse
Conversation notifications
Change Wireworld Wire name and description to prevent confusion with METL
TRON can now pass through activated SWCH
Smarter TRON — it will predict when it’s own tail and other life decreasing particles will disappear
Gravity walls zone updates now display when Newtonian Gravity is disabled
Fix pressure glitches with CLST
Session expiration causes noticeable logout
Fix multiline text running over the textbox when there were no spaces
Fix installation on Windows, allows opening saves from webpages
Higher quality thumbnail resizing
Fix some SPWN placement issues
Fix issue when loading walls from very old saves
Prevent rogue formatting in signs (this includes color)
Fix issue causing modded energy particles to disappear
Fix slight particle order issue with SWCH

Version 83.9 (Build 232)
• Fix rotating stamps deleting some walls
• Allow (un)pausing when pasting stamps
• Fix setting values to negetive numbers in the old console
• Fix being able to paste things into textboxes that were too long to fit
• Fix LIGH not working after loading a save
• Fix stamps not loading past page 3
• Fix layered photons not blending their colors together
• Limit save description length to what server limits it too
• Reset comment box size after sending a comment
• Don’t highlight menusections when the mouse is held down

Version 83.0 (Build 192)
Fix some elements melting when heat simulation is disabled
PPIP glowing brick works even when «Glow» display mode is disabled
Fix Air and Vac tools making air in areas outside the brush
Cold photons don’t burn things
tpt.element (Lua API) can now take an element number and return a name
Corrected proportions of elements during some reactions with SPNG and GEL
Frozen and burned graphical effects for WOOD and PLNT
New Element: DTEC, generates a spark when something with it’s ctype is nearby
SPNG and GEL can draw moisture from other water based elements (Saltwater, etc)
SPNG absorption limit (can be used as a filter for saltwater)

Current Beta Version: 83.6
Version 83.6 (Build 220)
There is now a mac version of tpt++
Alt click is an alternative to middle click again
You can edit alpha in the decoration editor
Changing alpha and brightness will change the colors in the box to show what you really get
Hex value displayed in the deco editor
Icons and descriptions show in the render options ui (large empty space will be filled soon)
Improve smudge tool

Older tpt++ Betas:
Version 83.5 (Build 214)
History button for own saves in save browser (bottom left or right click)
Crash fixes for searching by username
Icons for date sort and «Show own» buttons in save browser
Fix bug in elem.loadDefault() Lua API function, it stopped the entire API from working
Shows number of votes on your own saves
Enabled virtual machine, use vm.loadProgram(«NAME») in lua, I still don’t know how to use it
Correctly initialize FIGH when loading and previewing saves
Render fire in save previews better
Fixed walls covering up fire glow

Version 83.4 (Build 213)
Remove the TEST particle, which was accidentally included but only crashed

Version 83.4 (Build 212)
Wall names in HUD
Fix some bugs with energy particles in PIPE
Version info in update prompt, change hover color of update box to orange
Fix PRTI/PRTO graphics, debug lines only drawn in debug mode
Fix spark color
Minor graphical fixes to the save browser and preview
Hidden elements in the element search
Fix minor issues with the cursor position near the bottom and after exiting a window
Fix using sample tool with different LIFE particles
Save history with history:######
Fix editing link signs (it doesn’t open them with SIGN selected)
Fix buffer overflow that may cause a crash when logged in and in other places
Something with a virtual machine and stuff that probably isn’t usable now but I have no idea

Version 83.3 (Build 211)
Builds 209-211: Attempt to fix line/rect drawing in the zoom window. Broken in 208, actually fixed in 211
New Lua API: Simulation
Preserve active menu and selected tools when rebuilding menus because of lua
Newtonian gravity shown in HUD
Prevent using double scale on screens that are too small
Make thumbnails a little less blurry (they are still more blurry than tpt)
Add back view counter
Fix line snapping from the zoom window
Fix some issues with the tag ui
Allow unfavoriting saves, and mass unfavoriting
Slow down the deco tools so they are more usable
Decoration presets can be changed (but not saved yet)

Version 83.2 (Build 207)
Fix crash when loading tags

Version 83.2 (Build 205)
Prevent changing sort mode when results haven’t loaded
Textbox component to lua interface API
Fix crash when translating stamps
Fix line snapping
Change text for sorting buttons back to original
Add back view counter
Change vote bars back to the original ones
Load tags separately from saves in search

Version 83.1 (Build 204)
Addition to Lua API: interface
Fix 1 pixel sized tools not working
Add a decoration color picker
!load command re-added for old console
Change text for sorting buttons back to original
Molten XXXX for lava in hud

Version 83.0 (Build 203)
Add some missed changes from tpt version 82
Fix some elements melting when heat simulation is disabled that shouldn’t
cold photons don’t burn things
Correct PHOT colour during fusion
Black decoration appears on save thumbnails
tpt.element (Lua API) can now take an element number and return a name
Frozen and burned graphical effects for WOOD and PLNT
New Element: DTEC, generates a spark when something with it’s ctype is nearby
Addition to Lua API: renderer (colourMode, displayMode, renderMode, plus all the macros used for Particle/display/colour modes)
Addition to Lua API: elements (allocate, free, element, loadDefault, property, plus all the macros used for element properties, states, and menusections) (I’m not really sure what these do, I think element returns a table of that element id’s properties and transitions)
Addition to Lua API: bit (tobit, bnot, band, bor, bxor, lshift, rshift, arshift, rol, ror, bswap, tohex) http:// bitop.luajit.org/
Fix cursor position when just outside the zoom window
Fix streamline placement not being in the right spot

Version 82.0 (Build 202) (Same version number as the current release)
This is actually tpt++, which is tpt re-written in c++
There really isn’t a changelog, since it’s a new program
It has many improvements and new features over tpt, and has almost everything tpt has
There are some unfinished things and bugs, so it’s still in beta
Here are some improvements over tpt:
PNG screenshots using the tpt.screenshot() Lua method
Syntax highlighting for old console commands
Multiple comment pages and scrolling
Favourite/Delete multiple saves at once in save browser
Faster/non-locking thumbnail rendering for the stamp and local save browser
More accessible element search
Quicker access to dedicated decoration menu
Customizable middle click tool
Save search won’t become unresponsive on slower connections
Text selection in text fields and labels
Copy/Cut and Paste for text (With right click!)
Older Changes:
Version 82.0 (Build 191)
Fix crashes when using graphics functions with Lua
Fix some possible but rare crashes caused by low memory situations
Fix Energy particles not passing into PIPE correctly
Fix issue that allowed CONV to destroy DMND
Correct the proportions of some reactions involving water types
Keep the zoom window visible when using undo
Fix some bugs with the PROP interface
You can heat/cool energy particles
Some fixes to tpt.set_property, it now checks stacked particles too
Fix the cut message being the same as the copy message
Changed colours of some element buttons (WARP, TRON and Stickman)
Ability to go back to the save preview by right clicking reload button
More settings saved in preferences (Decorations mode, fullscreen, debug mode, ngrav_enable, and gravity lines)
Ability to delete saves from the local saves browser
New Element: Powered Pipe (PPIP)
pipe can now pass into PRTI
1 pixel pipe can pass into an empty space, making it even faster by not clogging at the edges
you can set ctype as a name or number in the old console
the stamp selection area can be drawn backwards

Version 81.6 (Build 189)
Fix zoom in decorations mode

Version 81.5 (Build 188)
Allow Lua Key event function to override keys used by stickman and zoom
Hide intro text when opened by PTSave link
Added Console button to quickoptions menu

Version 81.4 (Build 187)
Fixed issues with saving current menu (Walls is now a valid menu)
Fixed crash when pasting long text strings
Disable decorations in save thumbnails

Vesion 81.3 (Build 184)
Reduced lag created by PLNT
Optimizations to improve speed with GOL
Added more checks for invalid elements
Added brush size to Lua environment (tpt.brushx, tpt.brushy)
Added brush «Alt Selected» element to Lua environment (tpt.selecteda)
Added mouse wheel to mouse event arguments (mouseX, mouseY, mouseButton, mouseWheel)
SALT will only melt ICE if the ICE if above salt-water freezing temperature
Updated README and LICENSE files

Version 81.2 (Build 183)
Fix bug in saving code when there are no signs

Version 81.1
• Fixed — C5 neighbouring cold insulators no longer explodes
• Fixed — Fixed issue where clicking on a stack of save signs will cause an unstoppable torrent of save open windows
• Changed — Prevent acid from eating broken glass
• Fixed — Stickman should no longer be able to walk on the bottom of the screen
• Fixed — VOID and BHOL should eat stickman
• Changed — Reduced rate of lighting creation by CLNE
• Added — INST can now be sparked directly using the brush
• Added — Lightning should now be affected by gravity fields
• Fixed — Remove crash when sparking INST

Version 80.4 (Build 179)
• VINE grows along WOOD • Changes to FRZZ
• Adding neutrons to EXOT makes it turn into whatever element it touches
• Improve ambient heat convection
• Clone remembers the ctype of lava (can now clone molten metal etc, instead of just molten stone)
• Compressed particles turn into BHOL

Version 80.3 (Build 177)
• New Element EXOT • WARP element changes • Fix some TRON flags
• TTAN only blocks pressure when adjacent to at least two more TTAN particles (or anytime with a .tmp of 1)

Version 78.1
• Fix bug that created «weaponised explosive GEL»
• Changes to License (GPLv2 to GPLv3)
• Fix bug that caused thumbnail caching to not work
• Remove unused debug output of thumbnail cache
• New save format: OPS, allows saving of almost all data within the simulation
• Plasma can now travel through portals and PIPE
• Changes to GEL, will no longer absorb water when saturated
• Fix bugs when moving signs
• Fix file opening on Mac OS X
• Line snapping in the decoration editor
• Changes to SING to prevent it from exploding through walls
• Code cleanup for mouse scalingVersion 74.1
• Icon for Force Elements
• Allow DEST to be used with clone elements

В архиве с игрой идут 2 файла vcredist 2010 (для 32 и 64 битных систем). Если игра откажется запускаться — установите тот, который подходит вашей ОС.

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ПОЛНЫЙ список веществ версии 41.3 (0.46 Мб.):

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Скачать игру Powder Toy на PSP (0.24 Мб.):
Управление на psp L+джойстик — рисовать крестик — выбрать, залить квадратик и круг — выбирать вещество треугольник + джойстик — область для заливки R + джойстик — линия для зарисовки

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